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CPM Forum December 23, 2006

Posted by sf1998 in Uncategorized.

Hello i made a CPM Forum if you wanna register on it here is the link http://clubpmarines.7.forumer.com do NOT curss on it or i will permanate ban you on my forum.



1. neltron1234 - December 23, 2006

ok ill check it out and sf people are lieing and saying there genaral and there leader of cpm!

2. neltron1234 - December 23, 2006

sf can i be a mod on your forum pls

3. qoxir - December 24, 2006

Cool, I guess…

4. SF1998 - December 24, 2006

Dear sf1998

We have been at war for over two months now and I am makeing you an offer.If you serender the name cp marines I will leave you alone and wont attack you know have the new army of cp ninjas we will leave you alone if you just surender the name.Im not trying to say that i made it but i would like to have it knowing that it is mine and that no one else will have the same name if you do not sighn the reaty we and our allances will have to take it by force.If you do not sighn it then the army to win the war gets to keep it Everything is allowed including rappid fire and glitch useing.

Sighn here: ____ratnsa_____ _____SF1998____

soz this was the only way i wanted 2 do it so it’s not that official

5. jakzar - December 24, 2006

that’s the spirit!

6. uio9trhijgvn - December 24, 2006


7. neltron1234 - December 24, 2006

dont sighn it if theres gonna be a surender WERE NOT GONNA SURNDER WITHOUT A WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. $Richgirl$ - December 24, 2006

Join the CPH today!!! (Club Penguin Hunters)
Please register or sign up at Car23 Trey10’s website!!!
We will be looking for 1 fiddy!!!

9. Axle - December 25, 2006

does anyone know the WHOLE storys of armys? I can tell you just email me at silveraxle@aol.com i dont even know how to make links so forget that.

10. Axle - December 25, 2006

oh and im on the cpm most wanted list YAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

11. sf1998 - December 26, 2006

NO ratsna because i am not giving up my CPM so if you wanna fight and be a loser lets go!

12. neltron1234 - December 26, 2006

sf ill get the troops ready

13. athletics52 - December 26, 2006

i gotta website

14. neltron1234 - December 26, 2006

sf i need your help and troops i was captured by the cpr we need 2 destroy them now u here that troops that a oder they almost killed me
we need 2 stop them

15. skyemster - December 26, 2006

Hello sf.

16. brajatk - December 26, 2006

please visit brajatk.wordpress.com

17. ratnsa - December 26, 2006

so u sighned it when is the war

18. sf1998 - December 27, 2006

wanted list is bad

19. the freeze - December 27, 2006

Hey neltron, you know my army is against SF1998

20. neltron1234 - December 27, 2006

i know but we still friends right

21. Darth Nilin - December 28, 2006

Dear sj1998,

I got on your forum and joined. and i was banned. but i didn’t cuss or anything. Whyed i get banned? Im Darth Nilin on there.

22. Secret Agent ________ - December 31, 2006
23. Sterina - February 22, 2007

oh neltron how many girls like u or i mean love u?

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