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The CPM uniforms November 20, 2006

Posted by sf1998 in Uncategorized.

Hey fellow marines whoever didnt sign up for my CPM sign up today ill tell u the uniforms

non member uniform

all green

member uniform

hockey helmet

letterman jacket

guitar or hockey stick

cowboy shoes or black sneakers

any eyewear

messanger bag

medic uniform

hockey helmet

blue face paint

black sneakers

hockey stick


special ops uniform

parka or black hoodie

guitar or hockey stick

black sneakers

night vision goggles

radio group uniform

head phones

night vision goggles

suit or hoodie

messanger bag



1. Sattilite1 - November 20, 2006

Sf ill be back in 10 minutes

2. sf1998 - November 20, 2006


3. Sattilite1 - November 20, 2006


4. sf1998 - November 20, 2006

hmm ill get people to come to this website

5. chad222 - November 20, 2006

howdy fokes

6. sf1998 - November 20, 2006

hey chad222 this is my new website like it

7. Icy Fresh 2 - November 20, 2006

come to my website it tlls u how to join the CPA.

note:CPA Copywright

8. Icy Fresh 2 - November 20, 2006

if you don’t know how to get to my website click on my name OR go to http://flyboy6464.wordpress.com

9. bitteryo - November 20, 2006

come to my website either click on me or go to http://bitteryo.wordpress.com

10. cpcheatexpert - November 22, 2006

can i join cpm??? my username is Meluvcandi i am a member and you can usually find me on [[australia big surf]] town, or chillin out i my igloo which is usually on the map. ill start wearing the uniform now!!!

11. jord fan - November 22, 2006

Come to my web. It has aall of the kinds of stuff. Click on my name.

12. sf1998 - November 22, 2006

ok guys u can join CPM

13. sf1998 - November 22, 2006

All CPM usually go’s on mammoth USA

14. ClubPenguinPlayer - November 23, 2006

I am a nonmember can i join though?

15. sf1998 - November 23, 2006

yes u can join whats your username

16. pinkerpenguin - November 25, 2006

Can I join cpm plz my penguin name is Pinker 966. Also what does cpm do? I used to be in cpa but now cpa is over!

17. Moroe - November 25, 2006

My username in CP is moroe and my password is **********.
May I join CPM. I know lots about the vikings and how to defeat them.

18. BLATRON - November 26, 2006

sf1998 can i join the army im in the
i know what to do with a general style
and also im in the member uniform
so can i join the army plz

19. sima - November 26, 2006

can I join also my username is simouche

20. sima - November 26, 2006

what dose the army do

21. surfer1011 - November 26, 2006

how i become cpm

22. dr oct - November 27, 2006

ok if sf1998 is gone demy takes over if heaint there neltron yo takes over if he aint there i take over oh yeah and its pretty hard to find the cpm in mammoth cos we r on the move!

23. sarah - December 2, 2006

How do i sign up for the CPM group? im a member on club penguin, please tell me how

24. sarah - December 2, 2006

and how do i become a ninja? i really need to be one, and i heard someone say that you need to be 310 days old to be one, is that true?

25. hannah252 - December 7, 2006

can i join CPM??????? PLZ ive been playing club penguin for nearly a year and i know every place and how 2 get there

26. freindly789 - December 9, 2006

i want 2 join!

27. freindly789 - December 12, 2006

can i join cpm?

28. dalek9284 - December 20, 2006

i am going to create the greatest club penguin army yet- i am not creul but not member so join by going to iceburg at big surf and we can form an army to prtect and keep club penguin as ourland… my skills are too powerful to be beaten- i can make a newspaper sheild and i can throw snowballs at top speed

29. coolpengy2 - February 14, 2007

can i join cpm but i dont have all the cloths can i still join my name is coolpengy2 and my password is \\\\\\\\\\\\ can i join?

30. coolpengy2 - February 14, 2007

i have all the elite cpm uniform

31. coolpengy2 - February 15, 2007

oh sorry i just found out you dont like killers well im a bounty hunter the best in the biseness got any jobs for me click my name

32. coolpengy2 - February 15, 2007

or just email me at joshtranter@hotmail.co.uk

33. Winston712 - May 4, 2007

be in the army

34. my penguin name = kial12345 - June 16, 2007

can i join i have the uniform

im member

an my penguin name is kial12345

35. torchied60 - June 29, 2007

hEY c4N I 8e 1n +H3 @rMy 1M @ nON mEMB3r

36. torchied60 - June 29, 2007

oh nvm

37. Ryman967 - July 5, 2007

i need to talk to quacky8 at the dock in Mammoth server USA on July 5th 2007

38. Ryman967 - July 5, 2007

Now! Or else

39. CLUB PENGUIN - August 11, 2007

my name is :girl girl 44 password:clubpenguinfan

40. Roo539 - August 22, 2007

can I please join my penguins name is Roo539 about the uniform, I’m a member but I don’t have some of the clothes

41. mdnguyen - September 25, 2007

sir may i join because it is a graceful honor to join so may i join?

42. CPM Master - October 6, 2007

sir can i join i am experienced
i have every item on clubpenguin

43. mclash12 - October 7, 2007

can i join

44. mclash12 - October 15, 2007

never mind the join i have an army wanna be allies

45. mclash12 - October 28, 2007

suck my balls assholes

46. bob man214 - November 19, 2007

how do i join

47. ikagp ibsuwlf - June 13, 2008

ofwkqm hacjvyx kwbalq wlboe ofrcmdsp vfbs nufbd

48. 09090ness - July 7, 2008

There is NO way i can be beaten. I know a secret way to pile penguins with snowballs. Every war ive been in ive won.

49. 09090ness - July 7, 2008


50. masster - January 8, 2009

hey you there 09090ness

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